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Sucking on my cock

Sucking on my cock
She begins to slowly move her head up and down the length of

my cock, never releasing the suction she has built. I can see
her cheeks dimpling with the suction of her mouth. She begins to
bob and weave, rolling the head around with her tongue at the top
of every stroke.
Faster and faster, she pulls me in and releases me.
I’m soon gritting my teeth. The fabulous sensation of her
mouth and throat upon my cock is driving me crazy. I can feel
that old, familiar pressure beginning to build in my balls.

Lovely lips

For a moment she seems hypnotized by my throbbing prick as

it bobs in front of her face. But she recovers quickly. She
wraps her delicate hand around the base of my shaft and presses
her lips to its head. Her tongue flicks across the tiny slit in
the end, catching up the bead of preseminal moisture which clung
there like a tiny pearl.
I look down on her as she swirls her tongue around the head
of my cock. My fingers are caught up in her hair; not pulling
toward me, but holding her head for lack of anything else to do.
Presently, she engulfs the mushroom-like head of my dick with
her mouth. She begins to suck on only the head as the hand she
had wrapped around the base of the shaft shifts to capture my
balls. The sweet mouth of the lady then begins to pull me
in. Slowly, inch by inch, she draws my throbbing member into her
mouth and down her throat. Eventually, I feel her nose press
into my pubic hair as my entire eight-inch prod vanishes between
her lovely, sweet lips.

Clit sucking

I push the tip of my middle finger into her anus. That
little ring of muscle slams shut upon my finger like a jail-cell
Of a sudden, her entire body goes stiff. I clamp my lips
down around her clit and suck; my tongue flicking the tip of the
tiny cone of ridged flesh. She is trying to pull my whole head
into her cunt!
My face is washed in the juices flowing from her pussy. The
tangy sweetness sends chills up my spine as my lovely companion
is wracked with shudders. I’m almost forced to hold her up while
she rides the waves of her orgasm!
By the end of “The Teacher,” the song which follows “Aqualung,” the luscious brunnette has recovered enough to return the
favor. She gives my that half-smile of hers before dropping to
her knees.

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Presently, I focus my attention on her clit. I begin
planting tiny, sucking kisses upon her joy-button. Her fingers
stop pulling at my hair, but she holds my head, as if she can’t
decide to pull me in or push me away. Shortly, I feel quivers
race through her legs with each kiss I plant.
I slip my right hand between her thighs in such a way that I
can insert my thumb in her pussy and press my middle finger
against the rosebud of her anus. My thumb slides all the way
into her lust-slick love tunnel, and I begin to wiggle the tip in
time with the music.
Now, the girl’s fingers begin to claw at the back of my
head. Her nails slowly dig into my flesh, as she starts to
shudder uncontrollably. I feel her breath coming in gasps. Her
knees are shaking so that I fear that she might fall.

Public kunnilingus

Without hesitation, I begin lapping at her cunt. Using my
thumbs to spread her labia, I bury my face in her wet, hairless
pussy. The hot, musky sweetness of her rolls across my tongue as
my mustache brushes her clitoris.
“Jesus Fuckin’ Christ,” I’m thinking. “I’m on my knees,
eating this lovely wench right here in the middle of a huge
concert crowd!” Then thoughts are wiped from my mind as I
concentrate on trying to make the woman scream!
I can’t see her face because of the poor lighting and the
fabric of the T-shirt dress piled up in front of my eyes, but my
companion’s fingers are clenching the hair at the back of my
head; grinding my face in her cunt. I can feel her breathing. I
can feel her knee against my ribs quaking.

Dripping Crotch

I feel a shudder run through my companion. The kiss is
released and she draws air sharply between her teeth. She,
again, moves her luscious buttocks, releasing my ridged member.
She pulls my hand away from her crotch and turns in my arms to
face me. She then kisses me thoroughly, pushing down on my
shoulders until I’m kneeling. Widening her legs again, she grabs
a double handful of my hair and pulls my face into her dripping

Babe blows a huge cock

Babe blows a huge cock

Babe blows a huge cock

As I slide my hands around her waist, she turns in my arms.

The spotlights come up on stage as she loops her arms around my
neck and drags my face down to hers. My lips find her mouth
open. Her tongue like a hot, wet, fleshy spear drives into my
mouth before my mind has time to catch up! Her firm, toned body
melts against me as our tongues start to dance.
Though my eyes are probably wide with surprise, the vision
centers of my brain are closed for business. The other
sensations easily override any sights my eyes are trying to bring
me. The warm, sweet smell of her. The sound of my moan drowning
out her smaller one. The hot, wet, clean taste of her mouth
grinding hungrily against mine. I feel her hardened nipples
pressing through her dress and my T-shirt into my chest. The
feel of her smooth belly pressing firmly against my crotch. The
play of her back muscles beneath my fingers.
Who the hell needs eyes?!

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We wait for about half an hour as the stage is reset for
Jethro Tull. The tension of anticipation is like a physical
thing filling the arena; I feel as if I could float on it.
Then the house lights dim, and the tension boils away in the
roar of the crowd.
The arena is black as pitch, and the crowd has settled into
its final configuration, when the first notes of the piano intro
to “Locomotive Breath” push their way through the crowd noise. A
few of us recognize the song from the first few notes and cry out
in joy and appreciation. Others don’t realize what they are
listening to until the first whining guitar riffs have faded into
reverberating feedback.
Then the stage is ablaze with light as the lead guitar is
banging out the opening bar of the song proper. Ian Anderson is
dancing around the stage, twirling his silver flute as if it were
a baton. The drums and bass are hammering out the beat as the
rhythm guitar is doing that rhythm thing.

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Just as I begin to think I can’t stand it anymore, the brunnette
backs her had away until only the head of my prick is in her
mouth. Then she begins humming along with the song being played
by Tull – “Cross-Eyed Mary,” I believe.
My balls explode! When my cock jumps, I swear I must loosen
her front teeth! I pump streams of slippery cream into her mouth
and, try as she might, she cannot keep a thin trickle from
running from the corner of her mouth.

Interracial Big Dick

Interracial Big Dick

The feeling of her swal-lowing my cum only prolongs the jolts of my orgasm.
She licks my cock clean and uses her fingers to catch the
trickle running down her chin. My sweet lover makes a show of
licking this last dab of my cream from her fingers.