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The lovely woman grips my finger with her vaginal

muscles while she wiggles her ass. Soon, my prick is firmly
entrenched between the lovely, round lobes of her ass. It is
quite happy to be there. Her head falls back onto my right
shoulder; mouth open, eyes closed.
I begin to slide my finger in and out of her wet snatch, my
thumb rubbing her joy-button, the fingers of my left hand rolling
and pinching her nipple. I nibble her earlobe and watch her lick
her lips.
She begins to thrust her pelvis, in time with my probing
finger. Her thrusts are doing wonderful things to my cock,
wedged as it is between her buttocks. She moans and turns her
face to bring her mouth to mine. We kiss as hungrily as we can
at this awkward angle.

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I hear air sucking through her teeth. She releases my cock,
bringing both of her hands around to press mine more firmly
against her pussy.
I pull her back into me. My dick slides up under the hem of
her dress. For a moment, it’s 50-50 as to whether my prick will
slide down and forward between her legs, or back and up against
her ass. The moment passes and the latter wins out. I feel my
cock slip along the cleft of her ass as the middle finger of my
right hand slides up to the second knuckle into her slippery

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I’m a little startled when the back of my thumb slides
across her hot, wet, clean shaven cunt. I let my surprise show
somehow, as my gray-eyed lover giggles and gives my prick a
couple of quick squeezes.
Thus encouraged, I hike the hem of her mini-dress a bit and
begin to slide my fingers across her slippery cunt. The hot
wetness of her flows over my questing fingers. I hear her moan
gently as against my ear as the middle finger slips between her
labia. She readjusts her stance. My middle finger finds the
opening of her vagina; my thumb, the button of her clit.

From onstage a slow, rhythmic beat – reminiscent of movie-
style indian tom-toms – begins. Soon, it is joined by the
moaning of a guitar. Anderson sings: “I see a dark sail/On the
The brunette’s hand has moved to the head of my cock,
feeling the mushroom shape, spreading the bead of my own moisture
around. Her hand slides back to cup my balls and give a gentle
squeeze. My face is buried in her neck. I moan softly as she
begins slowly stroking me.
My hand is kneeding the inside of her thigh as it moves
lingeringly toward the meeting of her legs. My loving companion
widens her stance to allow me easier access. I feel the heat of
her pussy against the back of my thumb. My other hand continues
to caress her left breast – stroking, rubbing, rolling the nipple
like a marble…

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Just as I begin to think I can’t stand it anymore, the brunnette
backs her had away until only the head of my prick is in her
mouth. Then she begins humming along with the song being played
by Tull – “Cross-Eyed Mary,” I believe.
My balls explode! When my cock jumps, I swear I must loosen
her front teeth! I pump streams of slippery cream into her mouth
and, try as she might, she cannot keep a thin trickle from
running from the corner of her mouth.

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Interracial Big Dick

The feeling of her swal-lowing my cum only prolongs the jolts of my orgasm.
She licks my cock clean and uses her fingers to catch the
trickle running down her chin. My sweet lover makes a show of
licking this last dab of my cream from her fingers.