Babe got huge dick in her mouth

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I pull her up from the floor and our mouths meet in a
lingering kiss. I can taste my jism mingling with the sweetness
of her mouth. It only serves to turn me on further.
Her cool fingers encircle my still ridged member and, using
it as a handle, she pulls me down into a kneeling position once
more. This time, though, she is down here with me. She pushes
my back until I am sitting on my heels.

Babe got huge dick in her mouth
As I watch in the dim light which filters between the people
of the crowd, she releases my cock and grabs the neckline of her
dress. With a jerk, she tears the neck apart. With another, the
front of her dress splits down to her navel. She pulls the flaps
of fabric away from her lovely breasts. They are creamy smooth
and no larger than baseballs. Her breasts stand out proudly from
her chest with puckered, pink nipples screaming for attention.

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